Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lookalike outfits?

Get the look! I just found this skirt, priced 5sd and this chain bra priced 5sd in starplaza. I compared them to a recent pic I saw of lady Gaga and figured they look pretty much the same! what do you think?!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Get the look!

Here is a makeover I did on my me-doll, I tried to make it look like Audrey Hepburn (the actress). I used red lipstick, Diamond earings, false eyelashes and a tiara. like it?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Have a sweet suite!

Many people really want suites to impress. Here are a few tips, on how to have a sweet suite- without buying stardollars!

1: make the most of free items. Use moonacre codes and free items from stardoll cinema - customise them!

2: save money. See if they have the same item in starbazzar for less, or better yet, compromise and spend your money on a key item instead.

3: use old items from your storage to decorate bigger items.

4: windows, doors and stairs add atmosphere! If you save up enough starpoints windows are some of the surprises and minishop sell them as well.

And remember- if you really need money, play & earn!

JB top!

Now the Jonas Brothers 3d movie concert is out, you can get a free tee to celebrate!

Type in in your browser, it should come up, then in the 'surf' box type in Sign in and the type it in agin. go to your suite and it will be in the dressing room.

tip- looks great with a statment bag and skinny jeans!


Saturday, 6 June 2009

xyxxy makeover

Xyxxy is my best new friend from stardoll. She gave me permission to give her a makeover. here is the result! (p.s- Left is before and right is after).
I hope all of you like the result, especially xyxxy :D

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Stardoll celebrate Eurovision!

Wow. Tonight is what many of us have been waiting for - The eurovision song competiton. Stardoll seem to have gotten in to the spirit too by releasing a new range of dresses and selling norweigen flags in mini shop. Well I guess, who doesn't love eurovision. The OTT clothes, hilarious performances. And now your stardoll can join in the fun too!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Free true Jackson dress

A new show has been realesed on nick. To celebrate this, stardoll have made a new scenery base. Also, if you see the advet in stardoll cinema, you'll get this free dress. It's not that pretty, buy hey, it's free!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Makeover on Callie.Stardoll

I gave Callie.stardoll a makeover! here is the result!
I think she looks a lot better on the ' after picture'

Summer-time gal dresses

Wow! here are my fave dresses that are oh-so-summery....

Checked-full skirt dress 9sd Voile (ss)

gathered polka-dot picnic dress 10sd pretty in pink (ss)

Button-trough dress (worn with pantyhose) 8sd Fudge (ss)

Jessica dress 6sd evil panda (ss)
Flounce dress 6sd stardoll
girl-gamer x

Keira-V's stardesigns

Keira-v is one of stardoll's most talanted designers.

She specializes in hello kitty and other cartoon charater designs.

She sells pillows, T-shirts, posters and more.

The t-shirts currently start at 7sd and posters from 9sd.

Her suite is filled with her creations so if you would like to see some then visit her suite.

Other users have tried making these designs, but for sure, Keira-V is the most talented at them!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

non SS day outfit (girl)

If you are non-ss here is a great way to look stylish!

Top- 5sd (bisou)

Trousers- 5sd (bisou)

necklace 4sd (bisou)

Pumps 5sd (bisou)

Total- 19 sd

Sephora gone ; Dot opened!

You know what they say, one door closes, another opens!

Now that Sephora has been closed down, Dot a brand new makeup store has been opened.

Dot has a lot more Variety than Sephora. It's colours range from pearly white all the way down to black and navy blue.

It sells blushers, Eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, Lip gloss,Lipstick and more.

But, sadly all these fab products come with a price tag. Lip products from 8sd, Face products from 8sd but eyes from only 2 sd !! Also all of this is Superstar so if you are a regular member, you'll have to stick with what you have :(

girl-gamer x

Play & Earn stardollars

The new 'play & earn' range of games on stardoll is in which if you get a REALLY high score like 3000 you'll win 1 stardollar. Is any one else not very good at these games? I tried the celeb snapshot one and I got like 400 points but I didn't get anything.

Hopefully the other 2 games (yet to come out) will be a little easier.

Need a new look?

Along with their dolly prom range, Evil Panda have also created a Dolly-style plait hairpeice, which looks great on short hair! It is non-superstar and costs only 3 stardollars, a fab way to get rid of your loose change. It comes in 3 colours Blonde, Brown and Black.

Get yours now!

New hotbuys for May!

Now a new range of hotbuys has been realeased for may! here is a pic of my me-doll wearing the hotbuys sequin dress which is 10 stardollars as you can see I also have the hotbuys art dress also 10 sd.(all is SS) . More is due to come out later this month.

Welcome stardoll style.girls!

Hey! My stardoll name is girl-gamer, so you might know me. I have a stardoll club called style.girl and I thought it might be nice to blog for it. Thanx for having a look at my blog.
Enjoy <3